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AutoFarm, Raven: FarmPro GPS

AutoFarm and Raven Industries have released the new FarmPro GPS Steering and Application Control System. This new GPS system is the result of an on-going collaborative product development agreement between two of the leading precision ag companies.

Designed for professional growers and custom applicators, FarmPro combines the Viper Pro state-of-the-art display and control system from Raven Industries with industry-leading sub-inch accurate RTK AutoSteer from AutoFarm.

FarmPro offers a feature-rich steering and application control system that is all right at the operator's finger tipS through a single large screen display.

“What is currently multiple but separate applications, requiring multiple screens in the cab, is now integrated into a single control stream with just one terminal in the cab,” says Paul Welbig, business development manager for the flow control division at Raven Industries.

“This all-in-one system for variable rate control and complete boom management, along with sub-inch accurate RTK steering will really simplify customers' lives in the field.”

“FarmPro combines the best-in-class in sub-inch RTK auto-steering with the best-in-class in variable rate spray and boom controls to offer customers a product that takes a back seat to no one,” says Justin Larouche, AutoFarm director of product management.

“Previously, customers have been dazzled by a lot of bells and whistles which often fell short in terms of useability, reliability and steering accuracy. With FarmPro, that situation has now been rectified in a single, easy-to-use system,” adds Larouche.

FarmPro offers a full complement of automatic steering and application control functions, including:

  • WAAS to RTK steering accuracy options as-applied maps.
  • Variable rate control of up to five products.
  • Automatic boom height control.
  • Automatic boom section control.
  • Large 10.4-inch color touchscreen display.
  • Windows XP operating system.
  • Shape file format for export to back office software.
  • Data transfer via USB key.
  • Auto calibration of steering and application functions.

“With its multiple functionality of steering and application controls, FarmPro will significantly expand the GPS market for both companies domestically and internationally,” says Larouche.

“This is an exciting new system that will help satisfy the expanding needs of our customers through real cutting edge technology.”

The FarmPro system is available through select dealers in the distribution channels of both AutoFarm and Raven.

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