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Yamaha Grizzly 550 FI

Just like its big brother, the Grizzly 550 landed on top in the 500 to 550cc group by pulling the highest score in each category.

The features of the Grizzly 550 are just like those of the 700, but it has a smaller engine. Most drivers said they didn't see a noticeable difference in power, except when pulling logs. And then the difference was minimal. This made some farmers think that buying the 550cc model was a better choice than spending the extra money for the larger engine.

Like the Grizzly 700, this model has power steering. “I definitely liked the power steering,” reported Jake Gervais. “It wasn't as big of a deal to me as some of the older drivers. But if I was riding for a weekend, I would definitely like it.”

The vehicle did well in maintenance and service. “Yamaha seems quite farmer friendly as far as serviceability,” said Pete Bakken. “We don't have to take off side panels [for servicing], or if you do, the panels just snap back on.” He also liked that Yamaha redesigned the Grizzly to increase the longevity of the drive system. “I don't want to be changing a belt,” he said.

The Grizzly received high scores for simplicity and comfort. “The 4-wd was easy to engage and disengage,” Bakken said. “Handling also was exceptional on the Yamaha.”

Paul Gervais also liked the Grizzly 550. “It just performed well,” he said. “If I were to write a check today for an ATV, it would be for the Grizzly.”


Yamaha hit a slam dunk with its Grizzly 550 model. The ATV is loaded with all the features of the bigger model, but with a smaller engine and therefore a lower price tag.

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