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AMVAC: Discipline insecticide for cotton

AMVAC CHEMICAL Corporation announces the registration of Discipline 2EC insecticide to control a broad spectrum of primary and secondary insect pests on cotton.

The active ingredient in Discipline is bifenthrin, a highly effective pyrethroid insecticide that has been used for many years to control yield-robbing insects such as thrips, worms, plant bugs and spider mites in cotton.

According to Chris Hildreth, senior vice president of sales for AMVAC, the introduction of Discipline in the cotton market provides another highly effective, low cost tool for cotton growers to use in their insect management programs. “Pyrethroid insecticides continue to play a vital role in cotton production,” Hildreth says.

“Discipline, in particular, offers quick knockdown, long residual control and anti-feedant qualities that cotton producers demand, plus favorable environmental and applicator safety characteristics over some other pyrethroids.”

Hildreth adds that due to concerns of insect resistance, Discipline has a particularly good fit in pest management programs for control of bollworms, cutworms, stink bugs, whiteflies and spider mites.

AMVAC produces the only bifenthrin active ingredient manufactured in the United States at its plant in Axix, Ala. Domestic production of Discipline allows the company to better manage production, distribution and costs, resulting in more consistent product availability and at lower costs to growers, notes Hildreth.

He adds that adequate supplies of Discipline will be available for the 2004 growing season.

Discipline can be applied to cotton at rates of 1.3 to 6.4 fluid ounces per acre, depending on pests to be controlled, up to 14 days before harvest by ground or air.

Do not apply more than 32 fluid ounces of product (0.5 pound active ingredient) per season.

Growers should make no more than 10 pyrethroid applications, including Discipline, per year and follow acceptable insect resistance management protocols.

Like all pyrethroids, Discipline is a restricted use pesticide.

To learn more about AMVAC, visit the company's Web site at

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