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AgVenture University: increase yield, cut costs

Dulaney AgVenture Seed has launched a series of AgVenture University Maximum Profit educational seminars aimed at helping educate Mid-South producers on how to increase yield and reduce unit costs.

The first seminar, on high-yield corn production, was held at Clarksdale, Miss.

“This is a method for us to move expert knowledge to farmers about systems designed to help them achieve maximum profit from their crops,” said Terry Dulaney, chief executive officer and general manager. “We plan to use this series of seminars over the next several years to continue adding to farmers' knowledge base.

“Times are changing: We've seen $6.50 corn, $14 soybeans, $12 wheat, $10 rice. This has brought record investments in agriculture. And while farmers enjoy high prices, they also must cope with greater risk and the pain that comes with higher input costs.

“To succeed in this environment, they need to get yields as high as possible and reduce per unit costs. As the price of inputs rise, the only way to make a profit is to produce more.”

Even though the 2008 corn crop is now only in the early stages, Dulaney says “now is the time to begin planning for the 2009 crop and determining what you need to do every step of the way in order to achieve maximum profit.”

AgVenture, the largest group of independently owned seed companies in the U.S., ranking eighth in sales, offers seed products of the highest quality, he notes. The company meticulously screens trials across the U.S. and at more than 9,000 plots annually, he says, and delivers consistently high quality seed, rigorously tested and evaluated to perform.

“This allows us to offer varieties that are designed for the Delta's tough environment and match them to individual farm soil types and conditions. AgVenture offered over 300 distinct corn varieties last year.

“We source our genetic material from the most diverse pool in the world, with access to all major technology providers, including Monsanto, Dow AgroSciences, Greenleaf Genetics, and DuPont.

“Our focus is not just on selling seed, but helping the farmer all the way through his crop, from planning to harvest. Because we help growers select and produce locally-adapted seed on a farm-by-farm and field-by-field basis, improved profitability is a reality — and that makes a difference.”

Chris Kaufman, general manager of AgVenture PureLine Seed, Princeton, Ill., one of the presenters at the corn seminar, says the Maximum Profit System is “designed to take corn yields to a higher level than you ever believed possible.

“If you have an open mind and are willing to learn, you can become a 300 bushel producer.”

The Maximum Profit System is “fairly simple,” says Jerry Hartsock, Cutting Edge Consulting and Research, Geneseo, Ill., also a seminar presenter. “But your dedication to it has to be intense.

“You need right now to have an idea where you'll plant corn next year, so all your planning and operations can be directed toward doing everything that's needed to obtain maximum yield.”

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