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Next three years to be ‘exciting’ for Dow AgroSciences new products team

Balance. That's the word Duane Canfield uses to describe the current situation for Dow AgroSciences product lineup.

Canfield, portfolio marketing manager for Dow AgroSciences, used that term in welcoming media members to the company's Crop Technology Update event at its field testing site and at the Dow AgroSciences Technology Center in Leland, Miss.

"I think what's really causing our company a lot of success right now is the balance we have," said Canfield. "We spent roughly 50 percent of our R&D budget on seed and traits and about 50 percent on crop protection."

Many companies, he said, tend to put their emphasis on the Midwest with its millions of acres of corn and soybeans. "We're quite balanced across trhe United States. We have products in rice, peanuts and tobacco as well as the crops we're going to look at today in corn, cotton and soybeans. We spend roughly $2 million a day on research and development."

Although the company is enjoying success with several new products such as Transform, an insecticide that received federal registration in 2013 and was fully introduced in 2014, Canfield says he and his colleagues are looking forward to what's coming in the next three or four years.

"We really think the next three or four years are going to be exciting," he said. "Transform has been launched and has quickly become one of the more popular insecticides here in the Mid-South. We have Enlist, which will be a highlight of what we go over today. That's going to be a very major product in corn, cotton and soybeans across the country."

Dow AgroSciences will also have a corn portfolio of herbicides and a soybean portfolio of herbicides "that we have not taken all the way to some areas of the South that we're working on right now.

"Our pipeline has never been fuller," he said. "I've worked for our company 29 years. We've never had more product in the pipeline ready to be launched in the next five to seven years than we have today."

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