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Agribusiness: Trilex Rice Pack seed-applied fungicide

Trilex Rice Pack, a new seed-applied fungicide in 2006, provides growers with a low-dose technology that leads to a consistent rate and consistent field performance.

“Growers are spending more than ever for their seed,” said Glen Karaffa, product manager for Bayer CropScience. “It makes sense to protect that investment with a seed-applied fungicide that can perform consistently.”

Trilex Rice Pack is a new combination of Trilex, Allegiance LS Fungicide and blue colorant, Karaffa said. One Rice Pack unit treats 4,000 hundredweights of seed and consists of 20 gallons of Trilex, 20 gallons of Allegiance LS and 5 gallons of blue colorant.

This unique combination offers a high level of protection against disease-causing fungi. Trilex Rice Pack features a broad spectrum of protection, including excellent pythium and rhizoctonia activity. It also has good activity on seedborne fungi species such as fusarium, penicillium, aspergillus, rhizopus and cladosporium.

“These are the usual suspects where rice diseases are concerned,” Karaffa said. “It is crucial, therefore, that growers are equipped with the proper tools to control these fungi species. Trilex Rice Pack offers protection right on the seed.”

Although Trilex Rice Pack is available for the first time in 2006, Karaffa said university researchers have investigated the efficacy of a Trilex/Allegiance combination dating back to 2002. The results have been encouraging, he said.

“Several trial results throughout Arkansas have shown that the components of the Trilex Rice Pack can lead to a better emergence and stand,” Karaffa said.

Across nine locations from 2002 to 2004, the Trilex/Allegiance combination increased stand over both the untreated check and a leading competitor.

Karaffa said with high fuel prices, consistently performing products that are also cost-effective are essential to the rice industry.

“Bayer CropScience continues to develop innovative solutions that help U.S. rice farmers stay profitable,” Karaffa said. “Trilex Rice Pack is one great example of that effort.”

Growers interested in more information about Trilex Rice Pack should contact their Bayer CropScience sales representative or call (866) 99-BAYER, or contact their professional rice seed conditioner or retailer.

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