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Agribusiness: Nutrisphere technology enhances nutrient availability

BELTON, Mo. - Specialty Fertilizer Products’ Nutrisphere technology controls the microenvironment around a fertilizer granule, providing enhanced nutrient availability, company executives say.

The patented technology provides maximum nutrient uptake by crops, leading to higher yields and greater profits, according to Larry Sanders, chief executive officer and founder of the Belton, Mo. company.

Nutrisphere technology is used with the company’s Uptake Micronutrients and Avail phosphate fertilizer and is key to increasing yield potential, the company notes.

Nutrisphere makes Uptake Micronutrient fertilizers more effective by improving their availability. It creates an optimal acidic soil condition in the area immediately surrounding the fertilizer granule, without affecting overall soil pH.

SFP applies its Nutrisphere technology to Avail phosphate fertilizer as a polymer coating, sequestering antagonistic ions such as iron, aluminum, calcium, and magnesium in the surrounding soil, preventing tie-up of the phosphate.

Products incorporating Nutrisphere technology deliver marked and measurable increases in crop yields and plant development, the company says, providing results that translate into profits and savings.

Nutrisphere is a safe technology and leaves no environmental footprint, the company notes.

Avail is “the most significant phosphate fertilizer advancement in 30 years,” the company says.

“Dramatic results in the field and measured in crop yields show Avail to be a revolutionary advancement that will have a significant impact on the fertilizer industry.

“Crops fertilized with Avail reported 10 percent to 15 percent greater yields, compared to crops using other phosphates.”

Researchers conducted multiple field tests throughout North America and Australia, using Avail on a variety of crop types with consistent results.

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