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Agribusiness: New technology puts Prolex insecticide a step above pyrethroids

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – EPA has accepted the label submission for new Prolex insecticide, an advanced-technology pyrethroid product for broad spectrum control of insects in multiple crops, including cotton, peanuts, rice, sorghum, soybeans and sugarcane.

Dow AgroSciences, the Indianapolis-based registrant for the new product, says that Prolex delivers the benefits of pure isomer technology for quick, effective control of multiple insect pests.

“This is truly a next-generation pyrethroid that offers clear advantages over other pyrethroids currently on the market,” says Hank King, market specialist for Dow AgroSciences. “It achieves the same level of insect control at lower rates of active ingredient.”

Prolex contains pure isomer technology, unlike previous generations of pyrethroids that also include inactive isomers that do nothing to help their level of insect control, according to King.

This allows Prolex to provide quick knockdown of a broad spectrum of insect pests at a lower rate of active ingredient. It also reduces temperature sensitivity for the product, providing greater efficacy at higher temperatures.

Prolex insecticide will be available in a unique water-based, capsule-suspension formulation that results in easier handling and better coverage. It also carries the more favorable CAUTION signal word, whereas other leading pyrethroid products in the agricultural chemical markets carry the WARNING signal word.

Prolex is manufactured for Pytech Chemicals GmbH, which was formed through a 50/50 joint venture between Dow AgroSciences and Cheminova. In the United States, Prolex will be sold exclusively through Dow AgroSciences.

For more information about Prolex insecticide, contact your local agricultural chemical retailer.

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