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Agribusiness: Headline fungicide now for corn and soybeans

For more than two years, Headline fungicide has delivered disease control in dozens of crops. Now, soybean and corn growers can make use of Headline as the result of a label expansion authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Headline is registered on more than 100 crops to control some of the most damaging diseases that growers face. F500, the active ingredient, controls diseases by interfering with cell respiration and energy production. Headline was first registered for use in the United States in late 2002.

In soybeans, Headline is effective against some of the most destructive diseases, such as Cercospora blight, anthracnose, frogeye leaf spot and Asian soybean rust.

The number one Asian soybean rust product in South America over the last two years is a combination of F500, the same active ingredient contained in Headline fungicide, and a triazole fungicide.

BASF recommends that growers in areas where Asian soybean rust is identified apply Headline as a tank-mix with a registered triazole fungicide as a preventive treatment.

Headline also controls major diseases in corn, including gray leafspot, common corn rust and northern and southern corn leaf blight.

As in all other labeled crops, BASF recommends that Headline be used in soybeans and corn as a preventive treatment — that is applied prior to any visual evidence of a disease being present.

“For improved Plant Health, including disease-control, early application is critical,” said Gary Fellows, BASF technical manager. “Preventive treatments are the best way to insure that the fungicide will protect the plant by inhibiting the development of fungi before an infection has taken place.”

“Soybean growers and seed producers will see great benefits from treating with Headline,” said Tracy Linbo, soybean and plant health market manager for BASF. “It is a good fit for seed corn producers, as well as for growers of intensely managed crops, such as irrigated corn, sweet corn and popcorn.”

Linbo noted that Headline has provided positive return-on-investment benefits in the other crops on which it has been labeled. She anticipates strong demand from U.S. soybean and corn growers.

For more information on Headline and other BASF crop protection products, visit the BASF Web site at

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