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Agribusiness: FMC introduces Capture LFR insecticide for corn

FMC Corporation has introduced Capture LFR insecticide for corn. According to FMC technical support manager Robert Hooten, the insecticide is ideal for use with liquid pop-up fertilizers, allowing growers to maintain yields and protect their investment in seed.

“LFR stands for Liquid Fertilizer Ready and Capture is an old product that we have that’s very, very long-lasting in soil, does a very good job in controlling corn insects. But a lot of growers are going to starter fertilizers and they need a product that will mix — just like their old ECs did in water — they need it to mix with the fertilizer so it makes it very easy to apply. This LFR technology allows it to go into the fertilizer and stay suspended so they have a very easy application method.”

Capture LFR helps control seed and seedling pests including wireworms, cutworms, grubs, armyworms, seed corn maggots, common stalk borers and corn rootworms.

Hooten says research studies have shown that Capture LFR combined with pop-up fertilizer helps get corn off to a quick start, improves stands and ultimately increases corn yields.

“Basically the Capture makes a zone around the root system and it protects the root system for a long period of time all through the summer. The fertilizer piece to it allows all those nice hair roots and brace roots to grow, but primarily you’re interested in those hair roots because you want moisture and nutrient uptake and you’re going to want that root system protected.”

Formulation studies indicate that Capture LFR goes into solution with liquid fertilizers easily and stays in dispersion longer than other products with no significant change in dispersion in comparisons longer than four hours. Capture LFR can be used with liquid pop-up fertilizers or with water based solutions.

Capture LFR recently received Environmental Protection Agency registration and is available for spring 2006 planting.

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