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Corn+Soybean Digest

2009 Asgrow Elites Class from Asgrow Delivers Excellent Yield Potential and Consistency with Plant Health Traits

Asgrow® has introduced its 2009 class of 24 new high-performing “Elites” – the newest soybean products Asgrow designed to deliver uniform plant health and higher yield potential.

“Asgrow scientists use advanced breeding techniques to deliver consistent, higher-performing soybean products to farmers,” explains Betsy Hill, U.S. Asgrow Soybean Technical Manager at Monsanto. “Our 2009 Asgrow Elites are developed with a combination of exclusive, uniform genetics and agronomic traits, which leads to consistent performance across farmer fields.”

In addition to the 24 new Asgrow Elites, a controlled release is planned this fall of several varieties of Roundup Ready 2 Yield™, the second generation of Monsanto soybean technology that will set the landscape for improved soybean production. “By planting Asgrow Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans, farmers can expect the same dependable, flexible weed control and crop safety they expect from the Roundup Ready® system, in addition to increased yield potential at harvest,” says Asgrow Marketing Manager Brian Adams. Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans will be introduced on 1-2 million acres in 2009. A full-scale launch on 5-6 million acres is planned for 2010, by which time 80 percent of Asgrow soybean brands are anticipated to feature Roundup Ready 2 Yield technology.

Additionally, this year’s lineup includes several new Vistive® low-linolenic brands, which offer premiums to farmers, as well as the opportunity to meet the growing consumer demand for healthier diets.

Nationally, six of the most exciting new Asgrow Elites products for 2009 include AG0808, AG1703, AG2909, AG4005 and AG4907. Here is a brief description of these brands:

  • AG0808 Late 0 Variety

Roundup Ready Soybeans
AG0808 delivers high yield potential combined with very good tolerance to iron chlorosis and multi-race Phytophthora protection with the Rps1k gene. This brand is an attractive, tall plant type that fits most soils and maintains height in drier conditions.

  • AG1703 Mid to Late 1

Roundup Ready Soybeans
Aggressive growth for high yield potential is one characteristic of this brand, which provides a strong package of defensive traits that will fit most soils. Farmers can also count on this choice to deliver excellent emergence and standability.

  • AG2909 Late 2

Roundup Ready Soybeans
This is an aggressive brand with excellent standability and top-end yield potential, in addition to multi-race Phytophthora protection with the Rps1k gene. Its excellent emergence and Phytophthora protection make this product an ideal candidate for reduced tillage, although farmers should avoid positioning it in fields with known heavy white mold pressure.

  • AG4005 Early 4

Roundup Ready Soybeans
An attractive, medium-tall brand with excellent emergence and standability, this variety has demonstrated consistent yields across a wide range of yield environments. It provides moderate resistance to race 3 soybean cyst nematode, as well as multi-race Phytophthora protection with the Rps1k gene.

  • AG4907 Late 4

Roundup Ready Soybeans
This brand delivers very high yield potential across a range of environments. It is resistant to race 3 soybean cyst nematode and provides multi-race Phytophthora protection with the Rps1c gene. This is a good choice for late planting and double-crop situations.

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