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2008 World Ag Expo Top Five New Dairy Products announced

New in 2008, World Ag Expo is selecting the Top Five New Dairy Products exhibited at the show. The 2008 Top Five New Dairy Products will be unveiled during Media Day on Feb. 11, preceding the opening of the Expo Feb. 12. The 2008 Top Five were chosen by committee as the newest, most innovative dairy products to be displayed Feb. 12-14.

Housed in the new Dairy Technology Center (DTC), presented by Bella Health Systems; a 140×160-foot indoor canvas covered structure devoted to dairy exhibits, World Ag Expo will showcase the Top Five Products. The Top Five stood out from products nominated by exhibiting companies, and were selected by a panel of industry professionals and dairymen.

“Dairy production leads California's agricultural market and is a strong component of the state's and nation's economy. World Ag Expo leadership prides itself in bringing exhibitors and producers together to make their operations more profitable and efficient. These Top Five products demonstrate this leading technology,” said Shelley Khal, 2008 World Ag Expo chairman.

Attendees can view the Top Five New Dairy Products and speak with exhibiting companies in the Dairy Technology Center on Expo Lane between R and S Street.

Listed in no particular order are the Top Five New Dairy Products:

Company: Accent Manufacturing Inc.


World Ag Expo Exhibit Space: DS86

Abbotsford, British Columbia

Phone: 877-855-4890

The Sand Trap removes bedding sand from Sand Laden Manure that has been previously separated by the Accent IFRS 36 Separator. The product is designed for 1-500 cows and captures up to 95% of the sand in Sand Laden Manure. Removing the sand reduces handling problems and produces reusable sand. The fiber is first removed by Accent's IFRS 36, the remaining sand and liquid mixture flows tangentially into the Sand Trap. Cyclonic action spins the sand out and causes the sand to separate from the effluent; these separated sand particles then fall to the bottom of the cone chamber. The sand which is removed by an auger passes through a skimmer, removing any remaining fiber and excess liquid. The end result is clean low moisture sand.

Company: Bella Health Systems

Product: Bella Health System

World Ag Expo Booth Space: DTC 7700 &7701

Greeley, CO


Phone: 970-381-7841

Bella Health Systems (BHS) has designed a system to monitor a cow's ID, temperature, health history, milk production and lineage with the click of a button. Their core system is based on a RFID rumen bolus with an integrated temperature sensor. Stationary readers on milking parlor entrances or exits scan each bolus. The system also works with BHS's portable readers, which provide dairymen the flexibility to scan the cow's information from anywhere on the dairy. All of the data collected is sent to BHS's herd management software, which consolidates all dairy operations and history into one place.


Product: HI 84429

World Ag Expo Exhibit Space: Pav. B, #2124

Woonsocket, RI

Phone: 401-765-7500


HI 84429 is a low-cost, easy-to-use automatic titrator and pH meter that is the result of HANNA's extensive experience as an innovator and manufacturer of analytical instruments. Powered by a microprocessor, this mini Titrator provides professional results quickly and accurately. Once a sample is prepared, the system automatically monitors and analyzes the titration into the system analyzes the shape of the response curve and automatically titrates the sample up to the end-point, then calculates the acidity value expressed as titratable acids. Results are immediately displayed in the desired units and the instrument readies itself for the next titration. Titrations are controlled by a simple and accurate peristaltic pump that is engineered to provide the best performance and repeatability possible. Hanna standards are provided to calibrate the pump and maintain optimum accuracy. HI 84429 is pre-programmed with analysis methods specifically designed for Total Titratable Acidity measurements on milk.

Company: Multimin USA, Inc.

Product: MULTIMIN®-Cattle 70mg

World Ag Expo Exhibit Space:

DTC 7306

Porterville, CA

Phone: 1-866-269-6467


MULTIMIN®-Cattle is the original pioneer injectable for enhancement of essential trace minerals (Zinc, Manganese, Selenium and Copper) in a single tissue compatible bioavailable form. MULTIMIN-Cattle is intended to complement an existing program at critical production points, when questionable absorption of fed trace minerals could be a problem such as at calving, weaning, rebreeding or other stress times. Recognized and recommended by leading nutritionists, veterinarians and producers across the country.

Company: Trioliet Mullos BV

Product: Shifttronic 3-speed gear box

World Ag Expo Exhibit Space:

DS 143 & 144

Oldenzaal, Netherlands


Start up of big size mixers at full loads cause a lot of stress on the tractor PTO clutch and drive line. With the Trioliet Shifttronic 3-speed gearbox start up is done at a low mixer speed and requires less than a third of the energy. Shifttronic's electronic control box allows you to program in five different mixing cycles, determining at which feed weight the gearbox shifts. Examples of this include fast cutting of dry hay in a right dry cow heifer ration, a reduced speed in a premix ration to save your tractor and reduce fuel costs, an automatic speed up at the end of the discharge cycle for regular, fast and efficient clean out.

The gearbox functions independently from the tractor and requires only PTO drive and 12 volts.

The 2008 World Ag Expo is Feb. 12-14, at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, Calif. This year, the Expo will expand to 2.6 million square feet with the addition of the Dairy Technology Center and outdoor exhibits in the dairy section. The 2008 World Ag Expo is Where the World of Agriculture Means Business. For more information visit or call 800-999-9186.

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