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2008 Deltapine Dryland Protection Program announced

Monsanto's Delta and Pine Land business unit is pleased to offer a Southwest dryland protection program on the company's Deltapine brand of cotton seed. This program reduces a producer's seed expense in the event drought significantly limits lint production on his farm. Producers who experience yield-limiting drought can receive credit after meeting the program's requirements.

"Growers in the Southwest want access to the leading genetics and technologies, but the risk of drought can significantly limit yield on dryland acres," according to Brad Godwin, Deltapine cotton marketing manager. "We understand cotton producers want to be innovative but financial risk can be daunting. This program allows growers who want to maximize potential on there farm to do that with varieties and technology that combine to offer high yielding potential. At the same time, this provides producers with a safety net for drought on those dryland fields."

The 2008 Deltapine Drought Relief Program is for non-irrigated acres planted to Deltapine brand cotton varieties containing Monsanto cotton technology. If, due to drought, a farmer harvests less than 150 pounds of lint per acre, D&PL will credit the farmer's seed supplier for 50 percent of the units used on the affected low-production acres. D&PL will notify farmers by letter after credit has been issued. The program is available for the 2008 crop year in Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and specific counties in Texas.

"This program demonstrates our commitment to provide growers the latest in genetics, traits, and services designed to enhance the productivity, and more importantly, profitability of U.S. cotton producers," Godwin said. This program complements the Monsanto trait drought relief program for traits in the same region.

For complete 2008 Deltapine Dryland Replant Program requirements and information, please contact a D&PL sales manager or call customer service at 800-511-SEED.

Monsanto Company is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality. For more information, please visit:

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