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Corn+Soybean Digest

2005 Herbicide Update

Companies vying for the glyphosate market are offering several products for the 2005 growing season.

Monsanto, for instance, announces Roundup OriginalMax, which is a lower-cost alternative to Roundup WeatherMax — without its Transorb technology.

“Roundup OriginalMax and Roundup WeatherMax are both potassium salts, but WeatherMax has a different surfactant system,” explains Rick Cole, Technology Development manager.

“Roundup WeatherMax has the benefits of Transorb technology and Roundup rewards for the grower who wants the premium product. Roundup OriginalMax is for the grower who is content with a different surfactant system and fewer benefits from Roundup rewards. The difference in the rewards program and the surfactant system are the drivers for the difference in the two products,” Cole adds.

Glyphomax XRT, from Dow AgroSciences, is a 5.4-lb glyphosate formulation with surfactant and a full-service policy. The company also offers Durango, a similar surfactant-loaded, 5.4 lb. glyphosate without a service policy.

NuFarm America's Extra Credit 5 is a 5-lb rate of glyphosate that's equivalent to Roundup UltraMax, says Tim Birkel, U.S. ag marketing specialist with NuFarm. Extra Credit 5 includes a surfactant and is a 1-lb glyphosate increase from the company's Credit Extra and Credit Systemic products.

Two new metolachlor products include Lexar, from Syngenta, and MANA Parallel, from Makhteshim Agan of North America.

A custom blend of mesotrione, S-metolachlor and atrazine, Lexar is to be used pre-emerge by growers in the central and southern Corn Belt. It joins Callisto, Camix and Lumax, all of which use the same technology and fit certain geographies.

Lexar provides improved control of giant ragweed, sunflower, morningglories and cocklebur compared to other premixes, according to the company. It also controls waterhemp, common lambsquarters, common ragweed and velvetleaf, including biotypes of these species resistant to triazines and ALS-inhibiting herbicides.

MANA Parallel includes the generic metolachlor and the safener benoxacor, the same safener used in Dual II Magnum. Parallel can be used as a pre-emergent grass treatment for a two-pass program in Roundup Ready corn. It can be applied alone or tankmixed with a variety of herbicides.

United Agri Products' Rifle contains dicamba and controls or suppresses a broad spectrum of annual broadleaf weeds. It can be applied preplant, pre-emergence or postemergence. Rifle Plus is a combination of dicamba and atrazine.

For more herbicide information, visit Click on the 2005 Corn Weed Control Guide, select your problem weeds and lists of herbicides that control or suppress those weeds will appear.

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